Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random things

I've been encouraged to keep this posting to this blog, so, in lieu of an actual post (because all my good ideas are right before falling asleep), some more random things I've ... discovered.

I heart biting.  Really really hard biting, that leaves a welt or an invisible bruise. And then pressure so deep it spasms as the pain is rubbed away.

I'm afraid of posting on my blog about things I don't like.  Both of my Sirs "stalk" me to keep track of me, and I don't want them using my dislikes against me.

That being said, I really really really hate delaying orgasms.  The kind where I'm brought to the edge and then not allowed, until like the next day! (and then, the evil one has a bad headache, so there will be no orgasming tonight, either) Just... GAH!

And lest you worry about those two evil men stalking me, don't worry, I stalk them right back!

I'm growing more comfortable with my dominate side.  Once I figured out that I just needed to top the same way I liked to be topped, well, it got sooooo much easier!  (DUH!)

Oh! And traveling anywhere up or down the coast on the weekend? Just a really bad idea if you like good gas mileage.

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