Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Right. This still exists.

I should write. Or something.


I've finally come out of my normal winter hibernation/hermit-ing and I made the decision that I really want to find someone to seriously date here in the land of sunshine.

But of course, to find someone to date, that means I need to be where those people are, right? (Do you see where this is going?)

And just where are all these people that date? The INTERNET!!!! Certainly not on Fetlife, though. Fetlife is set up purposely to NOT be a dating site. And I love that about Fet. TMAME has been on OKCupid for almost two years now, and it's fairly poly & kinky friendly, so that's where I am now.

I've had my account for less than two weeks and I've been on one first date, have another first date set up for tomorrow night, and a second date with the first guy set up for this weekend. I had another guy email me today that I'd like to consider, and I will definitely email him, but I have ZERO time to go actually meet more people this week!

So you know, dating. Bleh.

But damn have I had to delete a lot of emails! I even blocked someone already! Mostly I just don't respond/delete the emails I get. Just a few have gotten through. TMAME pointed out that the emails that I like are more like little love letters, witting and charming, and I completely agree. Make me laugh, say things that show me you've actually read my profile, you're in! I will respond! Maybe two/three days later, but I will get to it.

I did have someone finally get all huffy with me because I didn't respond to his first email and send me a second "why haven't you responded, you're so adorable!" email today. He got a very short response, probably not the one he was looking for. Heh.

Anyway. Adventures in Dating. Woot.

I did have a great weekend in Seattle last month with Daddy. We did a full suspension that was Ah-MA-zing! And then a few weeks later, TMAME and I went to BoD here locally and I played with both TMAME and my super awesome friend Unlashed. Neither was a suspension, but both were so much fun! I really need to do that more.

Also, it has been declared that February is Fisting February, and that all orgasms for me must start with a fisting.


Tomorrow is adventures in tattooing and a first date, so really excited.

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